Word-of-the-Month: Modular : Stahl Construction

Word-of-the-Month: Modular


Modular development is the process of manufacturing a constructing in sections in an off-web-site factory and offering the sections to the construction website for assembly. Developed and designed in accordance to traditional specifications and with typical materials, modular design makes use of a managed factory setting to permit for a safer, quicker, and far more cost-effective development method.

Frequently, modular design permits for a job to be done in 50 % the time because site work and prefabrication can happen simultaneously and is regarded as a extra environmentally pleasant development approach as it lessens the quantity of waste generated and web page disturbances.

Entertaining Point

The to start with recorded occasion of modular design transpired in the 1830s. John Manning, an English carpenter, crafted a prefabricated property in London and transported it to Australia for assembly.

As a consulting and construction lover, Stahl is enterprise its initially modular development venture 636 Townhomes. The 14,620-sq.-foot, 10-device sophisticated will be household in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota (rendering courtesy of D/O Architects).