The beauty of wood. The strength of steel.

Introducing IMPRESSIONS, a structural metal roof and floor deck with digitally printed wood-grain finishes so reasonable you will not imagine it is steel. IMPRESSIONS from New Millennium Making Programs is an modern new coil-coated end option that combines the warmth of wood with the structural advantages of metal. Offered on Versa-Dek(R) dovetail deck profiles, this manufacturing unit-end solution gives architects and designers a multipurpose resource compared with any other to reach their eyesight.

IMPRESSIONS metal deck revolutionizes the seem of exposed structural metal, furnishing an reliable timber search without the negatives of wood: included expenditures, fluctuating and unreliable availability, lumber inconsistency, insect injury, dry rot, susceptibility to hearth, and the continuous upkeep of staining and sealing. The steel deck presents a significant span-to-depth ratio accommodating roof and hearth-rated composite flooring assemblies with an architectural aesthetic.

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