Signs That You Need a New Air Conditioner

4 Signs You Need A New Air Conditioner - Quality Home HVAC

Finding out that you need a new air conditioner can be a drag, especially if it’s mid-summer. These are some of the signs that you might have to put out the money for a new unit:

The Unit Doesn’t Power Up

You might have huge problems if your air conditioner doesn’t power up. Alternatively, the problem might be something simple, such as a blown fuse in the home or a bad electrical socket. Make sure you have the unit plugged up and that those other issues aren’t the problem. You may need to contact a professional if you’re able to eliminate the other issues. That person will inspect the unit to see if you need specific parts or if you need brand new air conditioner installation Denver services. 

The Unit Doesn’t Blow Cold Air

If the unit doesn’t blow air, there could be a problem with the fan. It could also be that your unit needs freon. An air conditioner specialist can come to your home and provide you with the freon you need for an affordable price. You might need a part if the problem has nothing to do with low freon. Therefore, there’s still a chance that the repair person can salvage your unit. If not, you may have to invest some money in getting a new unit. 

It Takes too Long To Cool

You might need a new air conditioning unit if it takes you a long time to cool the home as well. That could be several problems, from low freon to a clogged filter. You’ll need to get it taken care of, no matter what it is. An AC unit that operates like that eats up your electricity. You could end up with a bill that’s way larger than what you want it to be. Thus, you can save yourself money in the end by contacting a service person who can get your unit running at an optimal level. You can ask about some prices on new units if the repair person can’t solve your issue.  

Water Is Dripping From the Unit

You could be dealing with various problems if you notice water dripping from the unit. In most cases, there’s a blockage in the draining area. You could also have an issue with the coils being frozen as well. This is the most suitable problem for someone who has been working on AC units for many years. You can contact an emergency service provider if your breakdown occurs at a highly inconvenient time. The company will get someone out to your home who can assist you quickly and effectively. 

Contact a Reliable AC Company

It’s not the end of the world if you have an AC problem. It’s quite possible that you can save your unit and get some more years out of it. Alternatively, you can purchase a new one and have an air conditioning installation Denver professional install it for you. Your family will thank you as they enjoy the cool air inside your home.