Short Term Rental Marketing Tips That You Should Consider Before Renting Property In Dubai

Short term rental is a big market here in dubai, as airbnb and other property renting platforms are making waves in real estate sector. Due to tourism friendly policies, dubai got millions of visitors every year. Lots of people are worried about the high prices of hotels and they want to save money while still enjoying luxury accommodation. Holiday homes are a great option for these kinds of tourists, and every year holiday homes dubai market is experiencing the great flux of renting inquiries. People prefer hostels and apartments over expensive hotels because they are cheaper, nicer and gives you home kind of feeling.

Renting private units to guests has been a progressing practice in Dubai for some time since it suits proprietors who would prefer not to lease for significant lots at a stretch, in addition to it is regularly observed as more beneficial than the customary one-year contract with an occupant. While the Dubai government has no innate issues with transient rentals, another decision requires that proprietors renting for under a half year get a permit by means of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) – or face a Dh5,000 fine.

How do you use social media to market your property? How do you reach out to travelers specifically on social media?

It is important to maximize your investment and create ads that both target “custom audiences” and “re-target” people who visited your ad or folks who got to your shopping cart but then didn’t make a purchase. When creating your ads choose key demographics of who you are looking to market to.

How do you capture the attention of travelers through your marketing? Do you use specific wording or visuals, and do you target particular groups of travelers?

This goes back to “who your home is” and who is it best suited for. By giving your space its own personality it naturally appeals to certain people over others. Just like no two human beings are created equal, no two homes are either. Don’t just use a generic tax assessor description of how many bedrooms and baths a home has, use your city as a back drop and couple it with marketing copy that describes a lifestyle and experience of what it is like to stay with you, so your message carries through to guests who can envision themselves visiting your city and staying in your home.

How do you interact with your guests during their stay? Do you offer any premium services that get guests to come back to your property?

Services are provided by the company to guests should not less than the top tier hotel.  It should be like that property owner should arrive to the home early before check-in and stages the home before guests arrive. Opens curtains, turns on lights, makes sure everything is in place. Our Guest Concierge meets every guest at check-in or creates a personal check-in video for late arrivals.

For a fee, guest can request their Guest Concierge to pre-stock the home with food or drinks for their arrival or request private transportation to/from the airport.

What piece of advice would you give to new homeowners trying to promote their property in addition to the marketing already on booking platforms?

If you do nothing else at minimum clean up your space and hire a professional real estate photographer to take beautiful (marketable) HD photos unless of course, you are a professional photographer…When using professional photos, there is no better compliment than a guest review that says the home was better in person than in pictures.  However, there is much more than just pretty pictures. Once guests arrive if your pictures don’t “match” the space your guests will be disappointed which will affect reviews.

Most important, be responsive, grateful and passionate about sharing your space. Have fun with it. Even in your written communication guests will feel it. Engage potential guests in conversation. Build rapport. Always answer ALL questions and request in a timely manner. They lead to bookings. And leave confirmed guests feeling welcomed, comfortable and looking forward to returning.

 When it comes to marketing an individual property, personality, accurate high-quality photos, and passion about your space are the most important factors to consider when vying for new bookings. Social media is the perfect platform to start sharing what makes your property unique from those in your city and what above and beyond services you offer. At the end of the day, making sure that all guests feel that what you post is in line with what they arrive at is what’s going to persuade them to re-book and recommend the property to friends and family.

Final Thoughts

There are so many holiday homes companies in Dubai which you can use to rent a short term rentals property. Sometimes people don’t trust individuals so if a company is providing services then they are ok. These have a wide variety of apartment,villas, and hostels that fits every budget. Dubai holiday rental market has become very competitive in recent years so lots of companies are in the business. So before booking a short term rental service always scan through company history. If you think the company is legitimate then go for it.