Scam Warning: ‘Pay a Fine or Lose Your Real Estate License’

A scam noted out of Pa. precisely targets authentic estate licensees. The caller suggests the agent missed jury responsibility and, unless of course they pay back a wonderful, may get rid of their license.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – A license scam is not new, but its look in the authentic estate industry may be. In common, the frauds explain to callers to “pay a fee or you’ll get rid of your license.”

In an article from the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors, a county sheriff has noted on a new scam that instantly targets the authentic estate industry. According to an article in “Just Mentioned,” the association’s e-mail e-newsletter, “The scammers assert to be contacting from a certain choose or sheriff’s office and say that the individual has failed to display up for jury responsibility, and now they should pay back a wonderful or hazard the decline of their authentic estate license.”

Sheriff Nicholas Chimienti Jr., the sheriff of Dauphin County, Pa., suggests the scam has been noted in at the very least quite a few counties. “I’ve spoken with quite a few authentic estate experts more than the previous week who have noted staying victims of this sort of scam. Serious estate experts are staying focused … Sadly, many men and women hardly ever report these varieties of instances.”

Source: Pennsylvania Association of Realtors

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