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What’s the idiom or stating that performs ideal with today’s article?

“Desperate times phone for determined steps?”


Or most likely, “Think outdoors the box” is additional apt.

It relies upon on no matter whether you want to reward sure behaviour, or whether or not you want to critique it.

The industry has transformed and alongside with that transform arrives both of those the fantastic and the poor.

In past sector declines, the part-time, fly-by night agents appear to fade away.  It constantly begins with that innocent bartending gig on weekends that’s just for “extra income,” but eventually the actual estate job usually takes a back seat, and sooner or later, these individuals locate their way out of the business.

Then all over again, in shifting marketplaces come opportunists, and I’m seeing a great deal of that ideal now.

Here’s an advert I noticed on Instagram the other day:



Even though you and I see this and assume it is as well fantastic to be correct, and know it will come with wonderful print, asterisks, or just downright lies, there are bound to be folks who are in a difficult location and close up filling out this variety.

“We Can Buy You Home”

Simply call a spade a spade right here these are not English Literature majors.

“Tell Us The Price You Want”

This feels so soiled, I really don’t know how anyone can just take this significantly.

So that was on Instagram, but what about other mediums?

Newspaper, admail………..billboards?

Here’s one that a pair of persons sent me, and I basically simply cannot feel this:

Alright, where do we commence?

1st of all, I don’t think I’ve at any time viewed anything at all like this.

“Thinking About Firing Your Agent?”

Chat about receiving off on the completely wrong foot.  What’s the concept you are sending?

But much more importantly, the irony of the statement under is not dropped on me:

“Not Meant To Solicit Potential buyers Or Sellers Presently Under Agreement.”

But it is!  It’s doing exactly that!

“Fire your agent, use me.”  That’s the information remaining despatched in this billboard, and it obviously contradicts the RECO principles about soliciting consumers and sellers underneath agreement.  Just simply because you publish, “Not meant to solicit customers or sellers below contract” does not negate the reality that it is intending to solicit buyers or sellers less than agreement.

It’s like advertising “Free Alcohol” and then suitable underneath, noting “Not Absolutely free.”

I really don’t recall viewing such an extraordinary contradiction in a marketing piece before, be it true estate or other.

This subsequent one is an advertisement in British Columbia, so it doesn’t slide less than RECO, and thus I never have to have to blur out the names and make contact with information.

Have a search.

And if you really don’t see it, then seem again.  Several persons miss it the initially time.


I imply, the market place is tricky out there, but to execute somebody?  That is aggressive!

They need to have started off with prosecute very first, then perhaps transfer to execution.

When I initial saw this, I just assumed it was an ad from someplace in the United States exactly where an execution would be one of many unspectacular shootings on that unique day, but alas, it’s from B.C.!

How about we speak about awareness to depth, for a instant?

Here’s a concept I received on Instagram:


I really don’t know that it receives any even worse than that.

So, what do you assume I did?

Reply by creating again, “270 Briar Hill Avenue?”


I despatched a monitor-shot of that impression over but with a superimposed pink arrow pointing to the tackle.

Mainly because I’m like that

…here’s an additional just one:

I suggest, is it just me?

How in the entire world can an agent like this wake up, dress him or herself, and get on with their working day?

I really do not fully grasp.

We operate across lockbox issues in this sector all the time.

In some buildings, lockboxes are challenging to establish, so putting a crimson ribbon on the handle is a superior way to differentiate them.

On the other hand, in a throughout the world pandemic, this is the last detail any person desires to see on a lockbox:

What is with men and women?

Seriously.  Where’s the popular sense?

Talking of typical feeling, how about frequent courtesy?

How about frequent decency?

My colleague despatched me a textual content message from a consumer agent, who did not know how to go through an inspection – but which is yet another story.  She was symbolizing an estate, whereby the proprietor experienced handed absent and the property went by means of probate, and then was shown for sale.

When the customer agent go through the wonderful print in the inspection, which generally reads there “could” be matters not detected in the course of the inspection, he advised my colleague that there was guide and mold in the dwelling.

She responded with the adhering to, which solicited an unbelievable response from him:



I never know what to say.

But this is what’s out there in today’s true estate sector, people.

These are not two buddies telling jokes in excess of drinks.  This is a listing agent, symbolizing an estate, and a consumer agent, representing a buyer, neither of whom know each and every other.

And THIS was the message that the agent considered to ship?

Persons are nuts.  That’s my conclusion.

People are mad.

Wait, did I already say that?

Go through this remark under, which not too long ago appeared in a neighbourhood Facebook group for a well-identified residential region:



You can’t make this up, individuals.  You just just cannot.

People are ridiculous.

Men and women.


They are the worst.

So, last but surely not the very least, I give you my complete favourite ‘musing’ of 2022 as a result significantly.

My favorite?  Of course, severely.  This is the most effective.  You basically are not able to make this up, and it does not get any greater.

The Toronto Actual Estate Board will difficulty “member alerts” from time to time, if there’s a fraudster generating lease gives, or a person harassing ladies at open up homes, etcetera.  But the following “member alert” is so extremely embarassing that this is a lower-stage for TRREB.

I just cannot reveal what you are about to read…

My favorite part: “Ignoring his gut instinct…”

This is prepared like a poor John Grisham novel!

How would TRREB determine this person’s “gut intuition?”

And why do we need to have a member notify mainly because a person agent in Toronto is a moron?

“…the two obtained caught up in the second.”


You cannot make this up!  This is gold, Jerry, gold!

This may be my favorite musing of all-time, very seriously.  I’m likely to print it and body it.

Have a fantastic extensive weekend, most people!

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