Keller Williams Introduces KW Wealth to Help Real Estate Agents Achieve $50 Million in Net Worth

From the introduction of profit share (over $1.7B shared to date) to the release of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent – an industrywide business and wealth-building blueprint – Keller Williams has shown an unwavering dedication to helping agents build wealth. 

Today, the effort deepens with the introduction of its latest community, KW Wealth. 

“As an abundant-thinking organization, we believe that all agents have the ability to experience wealth and transform their lives,” shares Sajag Patel, Keller Williams’ chief operating officer.  

“That’s why we partnered with renowned real estate investor Brett Tanner to launch KW Wealth. Brett and his team have cracked the code to achieving $50 million in personal net worth. Over the course of their workshops, community members will learn, in detail, how to find and capitalize on investment opportunities, run the right numbers for their goal, grow in a network of like-minded peers, and earn incredible ‘behind the rope’ access to thought leaders in the wealth space.” 

Meet Brett Tanner

As a leader, innovator, investor, and top-selling real estate agent, Brett Tanner is a quadruple threat in the world of real estate investment. Ranked as the #9 real estate team in the country by the Wall Street Journal and consistently ranked among the top real estate teams at Keller Williams, the Elite Home Advisors – 90+ agents strong – have sold over $2 billion in real estate. Highly sought after as a national speaker and mentor, Brett imparts his deep knowledge of the real estate investment space to industries focused on entrepreneurial growth and leadership. 

“I realized that my real estate business created a tremendous amount of cash,” shares Tanner. “But if I didn’t get really purposeful with that cash, I knew I wasn’t going to be wealthy … So I started looking at my real estate business as a vehicle that provided me with the deal flow. Since Gary is passionate about this endeavor, he offered me the opportunity to lead KW Wealth.” 

Wealth Building – A Real Estate Career Cornerstone

A wealth-building plan should be a core part of an agent’s career plan. Why? 

“Throughout my own career working with hundreds of agents, I’ve seen firsthand how a lack of focus on wealth building puts their ideal life out of reach, and the reality is – their ideal life is COMPLETELY within reach,” Tanner shares. “There’s a lot of emphasis on income, not strategically building one’s net worth.”

Patel adds, “Too many Realtors retire to little or no real wealth. KW Wealth gives agents (and the entire KW ecosystem) a playbook to ensure the money they make helping others achieve their real estate dreams works for the real estate professional in a smart and effective way. Everything we do is about helping our partners live a life by design – what better way to help our associates fund the lives of their dreams than by helping them unlock incredible personal wealth for themselves as well as the clients they serve?” 

Build a Wealth Plan, Net Your Multimillion 

The community kicks off with a wealth-building workshop in Austin, Texas, on July 21-22. Though the event is at capacity, agents are encouraged to join the waitlist. Once doing so, they will be informed of additional workshops and information to join the community. 

Attendees will explore how to:  

  • Build their strategic plan to $50M net worth.
  • Establish their capital stack and investment DNA to underwrite their wealth plan. 
  • Build and scale an investment business along with their real estate business. 

Join the Waitlist

Looking to learn more about wealth building? 

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