Important Things To Know About Home Buying Assistance Programs

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We are all wishing to get a house, especially when we started to have a family because even if paying monthly rentals is cheaper, it would still be best to pay for a property until you can call it your own. Indeed it is expensive to buy a house and you can always get one if you are filthy rich but when your funds are not enough, then you’ll surely find a way to produce a large sum through mortgages. Real estate agents even have connections with various lending companies so if you are worried about your payments then you can ask about settling this.

Pretty sure that their financial consultants can suggest you ways on how you are going to manage the down payment because this sum is quite large so not everybody can produce that much money. When you are willing to apply for housing loans, then they should be able to help you out through their connections because they are working with lenders, too. Therefore, you should choose an agent with partners or with good recommendations when it comes to producing the source of funds.

Anyway, pretty sure that these real estate agents can also suggest home buying programs that you may use to assist you with your down payment which is usually a requirement when purchasing houses. This is indeed a big help, especially to buyers who were not able to prepare a large sum because this fund will aid in reducing the total cost as well as monthly dues. Now if you are interested in such programs offered by various institutions, then we should learn more about them so that we can start preparing the requirements.

Down Payment Assistance

One of the programs that you can avail of and pretty sure that this fund would be helpful for the initial cost. Most buyers require the buyers to settle this but the costs are not always the same. Some would be higher while the others would be cheaper.

This means that the percentage for the initial deposit will depend on the agreement made between the seller and the real estate company. So aside from searching for a property and its location. You must also consider looking for private and government institutions that can offer cheaper loan costs.

Loan Assistance for Home Buyers in Thailand

Who may avail of these programs?

First-time homeowners are given the vast majority of down payment assistance programs. Others are offered by many towns and counties, although this is normally only given to people who haven’t purchased a home in the previous three years – check out for more details.

You must be a first-time buyer as preferred and the property must be your primary residence as many institutions exclude owners of rental or investment homes from partaking. Before applying, ask the organizer if you’re not sure if you are qualified. Anyway, all sorts of mortgages offer this so you better apply the one that suits you.

When it comes to how down payment help is taken into account and used for your loan, individual lenders are likely to have specific rules and limitations. Therefore, it’s a good idea to discuss the implications of using this aid with potential lenders if you know you’re going to do so.


One is a grant which does not require repayments and is given as a lump sum, and usually comes with zero interest that is used to cover the initial and closing costs. While others offer low-interest rates but must be repaid over a term so you’ll be paying this every month aside from your mortgage. We also have deferred payments that do not collect interest rates but you have to pay the full amount back without interest if your mortgage will be refinanced or when you have plans of selling the house.

Forgivable loans are also offered just like the grant so this will be settled after some time but you need to make sure that your mortgage is paid without delays. IDAs or Individual Development Accounts are also available after completing training but here, your contributions are matched and your income, as well as employment status, will be required – read this for more information.

While some lending institutions also offer packages with such aid to first-timers. However, your mortgage may require you a 30-year term of the loan and this house must be your primary or permanent residence.

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