HVAC Burnaby Heating Repair and Air Conditioning Installation Tips

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Before searching the Internet for air condition repair, let us give a closer look at its history and some vocabulary that should help people out. What an AC does uses energy to help transfer heat from the inside of the property to a warmer environment outside the house. 

Before AC was even popular, individuals cooled their houses by saving ice blocks. When cooling machines become pretty popular, they are rated according to their capacity by the same amount of ice melted in one day. It leads to the term “Ton.” It is still used in the AC language today. Tons are measured at delivering twelve thousand British Thermal Units or BTU per hour of cooling. 

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Usually, window-type ACs are less than one ton. Large central AC units are equal to five tons. ACs are sized to meet a specific load on the property and have a particular amount of charge or refrigerant. There is also an exact amount of airflow that travels across the unit’s coils. These parts work together in a delicate balance to provide property owners with a dehumidified and cool home. 

Fire hazards

It is imperative to consider the consequences of ignoring necessary AC repairs. According to agencies like the National Fire Protection Association, ACs, fans, as well as related equipment can be a significant cause of fires in residential houses. 

It resulted in more than 7,000 house structure fires every year. At least 30 civilian deaths and 300 civilian injuries because of AC fires, on top of $300 million in property damages. The primary cause of these fires has to do with electrical or mechanical failures without failure system specifics. 

At least one-third of fire-related problems started with the ignition of cable or wire insulation. The peak months for these types of incidents are the months of June, July, and August. Early spring is the perfect time to invest in air conditioner replacement or repair. The National Fire Protection Association listed off ways people can prevent air conditioner incidents, including:

  • Choose and install cooling units for effectiveness and safety
  • Use electric-powered units safely, in accordance with the maker’s instructions
  • Maintain and inspect electric-powered units regularly for safety purposes
  • Ensure that the unit has the label showing that it is appropriately listed by recognized testing labs

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Health issues

Aside from fires, health issues are another problem that can affect air conditioner maintenance and repair. According to experts, poorly maintained or outdated units correlate with poor health conditions and the spread of some common and dangerous diseases. 

Cleaning air ducts regularly is recommended if the homeowners notice a visible buildup of dust and mold growth. Since indoor sections of these units produce condensation during the summertime, it is usually the ideal time for mildew and mold to develop. If left dormant during the winter season, molds and mildews can spread to the point where people’s respiration is greatly affected. 

Property owners will be able to tell it is gotten to the point if they pick up a dirty or used sock odor in their house. Blower motors and wheels also attract dust, so homeowners should keep an eye out for that. Suppose the property owner has recently renovated their house (especially to remove lead-based paint or asbestos). 

In that case, it is very important to follow up on the condition of their system. Things like debris can get caught in the air duct, so performing a basic check and maintenance, such as changing filters to make sure airflow is running at full capacity, is very crucial. Having dirty filters invite allergens, outside irritants, and pesticides inside the house. 

An excellent way to minimize the unit’s cost is to ensure that window units are adequately sealed to keep out warm air from outside the house. It is very important to have a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition technician perform yearly maintenance checks on the unit to make sure the house is pretty safe to live in.

Leaky air ducts

If homeowners feel their unit is not running at its full capacity, their system might be suffering from serious duct leakage. It can sap up to forty percent of the energy from the unit, costing them a lot of money in cooling. The outside duct system should be well insulated with sticky and mastic stuff that people can paint on their ducts. They may get an additional half ton of AC capacity just by fixing these problems.

Clean the unit coils

These pieces of metal cannot be cleaned by directly touching them – there is a spray people can get to clean these things. The unit’s coil helps create condensation for cooling, so people have to ensure that they do not get filled with a lot of dust. 

Buying a new unit

If the repair just has hot done the trick and they are getting a new unit, homeowners need to take into consideration the climate of their house. If they live in a dry and hot environment, it is an excellent idea to look at the EER or Energy Efficiency Rating to check how well the device works in their conditions. 

Want to know more about EERs? Visit this site for more info.

They may even need systems that can dehumidify a room. People living in areas with drier climates need to pay close attention to the indoor evaporator coil of their system since higher airflow is a lot better compared to lower airflow. Higher airflow is not always excellent for people living in humid areas. 

More increased airflow means there is less dehumidification, so the house will stay as sticky and humid as it is outside. But airflow that gets too low can cause evaporator coils to freeze, making performance worse, and eventually damaging the compressor. It is recommended that people buy high-efficiency devices at a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 13 level.

Increased efficiency

People can minimize the pressure on their devices by minimizing the internally-generated loads that their system has to deal with. Homeowners can help their systems by changing some things about their house as well. For one, they can increase the insulation in their property.

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