How To Secure Retail Store From Burglars


According to data from the United States Department of Justice, nearly 40,000 retail stores are burglarized every year. That means your retail store is not immune to burglary. It’s important to take the necessary measures to protect your business against burglary.

Keep Your Retail Store Safe from Burglary and Theft with the Following Tips

  1. Install an Alarm System

This may sound obvious, but investing in an alarm system can be a significant deterrent against burglars. When activated, an alarm system sends a warning signal to alert those nearby of the unauthorized entry. Every burglar likes easy targets, and a retail store with an alarm system and CCTV cameras will certainly scare away potential burglars. Hence it becomes indispensable for business owners to take the help of professional locksmith in Ardmore for installation Anti-theft alarm with Install an Access Control System

Another effective way to protect your business from burglary is to invest in an access control system. This system works by identifying users through login credentials, which include key cards, unique PINs, passwords, biometric scans, and other forms of identification. Since an access control system is designed to give access to approved individuals only, it prevents burglars from accessing your retail store. This system deters crime from any source, even your employees. 

  1. Key Track of Keys

The easiest way for burglars to gain access to your retail store is by getting hold of your keys. One of the mistakes that business owners make is failing to keep records on key distribution. The more people who have the keys to your retail store, the more susceptible your business is to burglary. To protect your business from burglary, keep track of who has keys to your business and make sure they are always accounted for. Ensure only authorized individuals hold keys to your workplace. If you lose your business keys or suspect they’ve been stolen, it’s advisable to have a professional locksmith in Philadelphia rekey or change your locks.

  1. Install High-Security Locks

Locks provide the first line of defense against burglars and unauthorized entry into your retail store. Oftentimes, burglars take advantage of low quality locks to break into retail stores. Keep in mind that burglars have some skills in tampering with locks and won’t hesitate to use that to their advantage. That’s why it’s advisable to install high-security locks in your business and deter potential invaders, as they realize they cannot gain entry into your business through picking or drilling. These locks provide a greater level of protection against burglars, as they are made of heavy-duty hardware, come with multiple layers of security, and are pick-resistant. If you need help with choosing the right high-security locks for your retail store, consult with a qualified locksmith in Philadelphia.

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