Easy Budget-Friendly Makeovers that Change a Room Fast

An ideal home invariably means different things to different people, but when it comes to selling a home, 9 out of 10 prospective buyers prefer to invest in homes that offer comfort, less maintenance, and innate character. So how do you balance the dreams of everyone else, yet remain budget-friendly? According to top realty experts there are several design trends that won’t burn a hole in your pocket yet will help you sell your house quickly.


The right flooring is essential to support the function and character of any home. Surprisingly, carpet remains the top floor covering choice. However, surveys point out that many home buyers upgrade to a different floor covering, like laminate or tile, within the first five years. Carpets cost generally less than any other coverings, but home buyers are finding it can be difficult to prolong carpet life. Tiny particles, dirt, and even steam cleaning wear down the fibers. Laminates are a pocket-friendly option, and floor manufactures are keeping up pace with realistic options, like exotic woods and unique finishes. Installation is quick, maintenance is easy and it’s much more durable, not to mention laminate flooring will boost your home’s value.

Add a Little Color

There are half a dozen ways to update your kitchen, but the most inexpensive approach is paint and backsplash. When it comes to choosing a color select a palette that one, works well with the ambiance you’re aiming for, and two, neutral enough that prospective home buyers will be encouraged to buy. Another budget-friendly option are backsplash. Not only does it protect kitchen walls, but it offers a splash of color. It’s a do-it-yourself, low-cost solution that quickly updates your kitchen.

Window Treatments Can Define Character

Window treatments are so practical, yet they play a profound role in framing a room. Whether simple or formal, you can dress up the qualities of a room and have your windows tell a complete story. In fact, if selling a home, readymade curtains will appeal to prospective buyers, and their cost-efficient. The hardware is also a key ingredient in your overall look. Decorative rods of brushed nickel or cast iron and bronze will offer a refined sleek look. There are also shades and simple top treatments for bathrooms and kitchens that offer a streamlined approach. They provide style, like roman shades, yet their simple.

There are hundreds of makeovers and quick fixes that offer homeowners a way to freshen up lackluster views. You can also rely on slipcovers, bedspreads and tablecloths, which are among the easiest and cheapest ways to add color and character to a room. Slipcovers can cover furniture flaws, and give a lift to outdated pieces, while bedspreads, paired with window treatments can give a room a new personality.

Organizing Every Room Is Crucial

The palette and furnishings may be perfect, but clutter destroys any appeal. Keeping your rooms neat and organized will vastly increase your odds of closing the deal. Review each room and anything not needed, place in storage or perhaps, discard it. Again, there are hundreds of cost-efficient solutions that can help your home stand out, and many are DIY projects.