Are Nitrile Gloves Recyclable? A Complete & Updated Answer

are nitrile gloves recyclable

Every single 12 months, there is an estimation of additional than 300 billion disposable gloves for industrial makes use of in the US alone. It is simple that they have a significant negative influence on the natural environment when not dealt with thoroughly just after staying discarded.

But are nitrile gloves recyclable? We are not able to recycle these gloves ourselves, as we have to mail them to corporations that collect these wastes and use the ideal recycling technologies. Still, the good news is that nitrile gloves are recyclable.

Can Nitrile Gloves


As stated higher than, it is possible to recycle nitrile gloves. Continue to, not all nitrile rubber recycling durations are the same. For occasion, it takes fewer time for biodegradable nitrile gloves to degrade than other non-biodegradable nitrile and rubber gloves.

In detail, we have to wait a long time for these disposable gloves to decompose right after releasing poisonous chemical evaporation. But with the proper recycling course of action, the biodegradable nitrile pairs might only take 1 to 5 several years to decompose.

To many’s surprise, latex gloves decompose much more promptly than conventional nitrile pairs considering that they are a lot more biodegradable. It also only can take close to 5 decades for latex pairs to degrade.

That is to say, using biodegradable nitrile and disposable latex gloves can partly minimize the launch of poisonous substances, like butadiene and acrylonitrile, into the atmosphere.

Which Organization Recycles Nitrile Gloves?

As stated, the recycling approach is so complex that we can only take part in the first stage: squander segregation. It usually means we need to have to individual our nitrile gloves into a diverse bin from the regular recycling 1.

From there, the segregated squander will be picked up by businesses to carry on with their nitrile glove recycling course of action to lower the unfavorable affect on the atmosphere.

As an alternative of haphazardly throwing nitrile gloves absent for them to conclusion up in landfills, responsible folks and companies can join a recycling software partnership with companies in cost of recycling disposable gloves. The options are as follows:

1. TerraCycle


TerraCycle is a popular and reliable business conducting recycling routines for sustainable development. As you stop by their web site, you can get the selection box, obtainable in compact, medium, and substantial measurements.

  • Little containers are 11 x 11 x 20 inches.
  • Medium box measurements are 11 inches extended, 11 inches broad, and 40 inches tall.
  • The significant box possibility actions 15 inches prolonged, 15 inches extensive, and 37 inches tall.

You can stop by their site in this article to get the box, fill it with recyclable gloves, then get it shipped again for recycling:

Aside from nitrile gloves, they also recycle latex gloves and other disposable pairs. Having said that, they will not acknowledge flammable or contaminated products and solutions.

2. Kimberly-Clark


You can pay a visit to their internet site below The firm works to recycle several private defense gear (PPE), together with nitrile gloves.

If you are curious about the course of action, here’re the key steps of Kimberly-Clark glove recycling:

  • Collecting used Kimberly-Clark PPE pieces at your site
  • Transporting the applied squander to the company’s recycling lover
  • Sorting out the squander, then compressing them into pellets
  • Building new items and products and solutions from processed supplies

Having said that, be sure to know that their service is restricted to PPE parts utilized for non-dangerous tasks. Also, they only settle for protecting clothing, nitrile gloves, and protection eyeglasses manufactured by Kimberly-Clark them selves.

3. Medline


Medline glove recycling also offers a services comparable to TerraCycle as they allow customers to buy collection containers.

You can pay a visit to this internet site: to test out offered package alternatives. Everyone applying their services really should be informed that they will transportation collected squander to facilities that completely transform squander into electricity.

Indeed, they also do not take dangerous waste contaminated with risky substances. As a result, if you want to recycle disposable nitrile gloves for normal applications, you can use their support.


So, are nitrile gloves recyclable? The answer to it is, fortunately, certainly. By means of this posting, you can hopefully decide on the suited sort of disposable nitrile gloves to lower decomposition time and recycling expense.

Moreover, make guaranteed you decide on a trusted and easy provider to recycle employed gloves. Remember to know that disposable gloves are indispensable for our responsibilities. Even now, we can lower their negative impact on the atmosphere by recycling them the right way, starting with waste segregation.