5 Ways to Prevent Pest Infestation in Your Dumpsters


Pest infestation on your dumpster can cause problems in your home or office. Termites, raccoons, or cockroaches find favorable breeding grounds on these dumpsters. It is always important to find the best ways to prevent pest infestation to avoid spreading infections in your household. If you need a reliable dumpster rental in Atlanta then you can hire M & M Waste. Our company will advise you on how to keep the dumpsters free from these stubborn creatures or you can take the following steps to minimize the chances of an infestation. 

Ensure the Dumpster is Locked and Covered 

Locking and covering the dumpster rental in Sandy Springs is the best way to prevent pests from accessing it. Ensure it is always covered, as this will discourage the pests from making it a breeding ground. Adding a lock is the best way to add more security to your dumpster. You can speak to us for the best locks to keep the pests away.

Observe the Recommended Weight Limit for the Dumpster

Each dumpster comes with a specific weight limit. If you exceed the weight limit, it will be hard to close it, thus encouraging pests invading it. Our company has an intelligent technology that will allow you to check the dumpster’s volume and ensure appropriate pickup time.

Keep the Dumpsters away from your Home or Office

One way to minimize dumpster odors or pests interfering with the quality of your life is to keep them away from your premises. We recommend putting the dumpsters at least 50-100 feet from any nearby building. Our experts can also identify the best spot to accommodate the dumpster and reduce pest infestation. However, these methods do not keep off pests from your dumpster but will discourage them from infiltrating your home.

Place the Dumpster on a Flat Ground

The best way to store your dumpster is on the flat and well-leveled ground. Avoid putting on mud or grass grounds as they can accumulate moisture and become good breeding grounds for your pests. You can consult our specialists and find the best storage for your dumpster. Consider placing the dumpster on an asphalt, concrete, solid base, or plywood base. These surfaces rarely encourage the breeding of pests.

Invest in Motion-Activated Lighting Fixtures

Another way to prevent these stubborn animals from tampering with the dumpster rental in Sandy Springs is to invest in motion-activated lighting fixtures. The lights help to scare away the pests during the night. In addition, we offer pest infestation control in the dumpsters, and help improve security in your area.

If you want to prevent pests from your dumpsters, ensure you adopt the above tips for the best results. Our company, M&M Waste, can also help you get the best dumpster rental in Sandy Springs to serve your needs. We have your back, whether you require one for your residential or commercial residence. We ensure it stores safely all your waste products and will collect them as per the initial agreement. Contact us today, schedule an appointment with our experts, and ensure your dumpster rental in Atlanta is hassle-free.

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