12 Things You Can Do Now To Prepare Your House For Spring Cleaning

30-Day Spring Cleaning Checklist

You don’t need to wait for spring to start preparing your home for spring cleaning. As early as now, you can get started with certain preparations around the house that will make your actual spring cleaning a lot easier

While you wait for the weather to become more pleasant for outdoor living, you can find some stuff to do around the house to help get you started with your annual clean-up.

12 Ways to Start Preparing Your Home for Spring Cleaning

  1. Start cleaning out the gutters.
    Over the winter, critters, wind, and gravity have caused leaves, sticks, and other debris to fall into your gutter that can clog your downspouts. A clogged downspout can cause water to spill into your wall and foundation and that’s bad for your home. Start clearing your gutter of winter debris to keep water flowing freely.
  2. Replace your filters.
    During wintertime, your HVAC is working double-time to keep your home warm and cozy. Inspect your filters and check if you need to call for a furnace service professional. It would also be a good idea to check and replace the other filters around your house including the one in your kitchen’s range hood and water purification system.
  3. Inspect your vents.
    As the weather starts to get milder, go around your property and check on your ventilation system for any debris, rodent or pest infestation, missing or damaged screens, and other issues that wintertime can cause. Make sure to immediately address any concerns so that they don’t worse.
  4. Have your lawnmower serviced.
    If you were not able to do it last fall, you need to have your lawnmower serviced and tuned up. You can do it yourselfif you know how to sharpen the blades, drain and replace its oil, lubricate the parts, and take out caked mud and grass.
  5. Start prepping the grill.
    Being cooped up indoors for the winter is one thing, being stuck at home because of the lockdown season is another. We’re sure you’re raring to go out in the sun and enjoy a nice barbecue with your family. Prep your grill by scraping off the rust spots brought about by winter and clean the grill inside-out. Make sure to also check the hose for any damages so that you can immediately have it replaced.
  6. Prepare the backyard furniture for cleaning.
    Time to start taking out your outdoor furniture one by one for a good cleaning. Wipe away the cobwebs that formed from months of being stuck in storage. Give chairs, lounge chairs, and tables a good hosing down. Have all cushions cleaned as well.
  7. Start pampering your lawn.
    Once the grass on your lawn starts to come out and the winter frost has gone, it’s time to give your lawn a good pampering for spring. Seed highly visible bare patches, remove weeds, and apply fertilizer as needed to help jump start your spring lawn maintenance routine.
  8. Don’t forget your trees and shrubs.
    While you’re working on prepping your lawn for springtime, don’t forget to tend to your trees and shrubs, too. Winter can do plenty of damage on them so check for broken tree branches, damaged shrubs, and get rid of organic debris on your lawn.
  9. Check your roof’s condition.
    The winter can be hard on your house’s roof so once the sun starts to shine brightly, take that opportunity to inspect your roof’s condition. Check for missing or cracked tiles and shingles. Look for any damages done to your chimney and have a professional come by to inspect and clean it.
  10. Start planting bulbs.
    One great way to add curb appeal to your home when springtime rolls in is to have blooming flowers on your lawn. You can take this time to start planting bulbs so that by the time the season changes, your landscape will spring to life.
  11. Give your windows a good cleaning.
    Another great way to improve your property’s curb appeal is to make your windows sparkle and shine. Give it a thorough wash once the weather is suitable for the task. While you’re at it, you might also want to give your exterior walls a good power wash.
  12. Test all the alarms.
    Lastly, do not neglect your family’s safety. Take time to go around the house and check your alarms if they’re working. Inspect your smoke detectors if the batteries are still okay and replace them if necessary. Be sure to also check your fire extinguishers and make sure that they’re loaded and easily accessible at all times.

Don’t wait for springtime to come for you to get moving. Make things easier for you and start getting some work done now. This will allow you to enjoy more time outdoors when spring finally gets here.