10 Creative Ideas To Re-use Your Personalised Wrapping Paper


Following your special day, you may end up with excess wrapping paper that has been lovingly personalised specifically for you by a friend, and you may not want to part with it so soon. Afterall, the personalised paper is a gift in itself! 

In-keeping with Printed Little Things’ dedication to sustainability, we have put together some creative ways to reuse your personalised wrapping paper to increase its lifespan and be kinder to our planet. 

Here are some creative ideas to help you get started with your eco-friendly resolution by re-using your old wrapping paper and turning it into useful things that you can use almost every day in different ways. 

Wall Art

Personalized wrapping paper can be created to display your face or logo in a variety of layouts, and with quality a top priority for us, our wrapping paper can be repurposed as wall art simply by framing a sheet of paper and hanging it on your walls.

If you want to be a little more creative, you could try cutting up the sheet into various shapes or shreds and combining them with other materials on a base board, before framing and hanging up your very own art project.

Wrap and Everyday Item to Personalise it

Try covering your diary/journal with personalised wrapping paper to create a unique and distinctive look that is personal to you. Do this by opening the book in the middle, lying both front and back covers flat against the sheet. Then, with some clever incisions and a little tape, you can cover both covers and spine with just one sheet!

You could use this same method for wrapping small boxes or cans, once thoroughly cleaned, to create your own stationary or cosmetic containers! 

Origami envelopes

If you are feeling inspired, you could create a beautiful origami envelope to store a few sentimental momentos from the special occasion, such as confetti or gift tags. Adorned with your face or logo, these envelopes will be beautifully personalised to you, and will be more functional than a loose collection of tokens from the special event.

With origami, you do not need to fasten with glue or staples, as the paper is folded in a way to create a sturdy structure. This allows you to further repurpose your paper if you ever change your mind!


Wrapping paper jewellery is not a new concept, and as children you may have wrapped shreds of magazine and wrapping paper around a toothpick and soaking with PVA glue to create threadable beads for earrings or bracelets.

With personalised wrapping paper, however, you may feel the pictures are worth preserving instead of shredding! In this instance, the wrapping paper can be cut out to preserve the photo which can be then enshrined in a locket or pendant. This will create a lasting memory of the moment.

Drawer Inserts

This hack is so simple as it requires no DIY at all! Simply trim the sheet to the size of your drawer, and lay the paper in the drawer to create a bright and beautiful insert. With personalised paper, these can make excellent personalised drawer inserts for vanity desks or the drawer at your desk.

This can brighten up a typically dark and gloomy space, creating an exciting space for storage! This works even better if paired with some other non-personalised paper to create a full, complementary colour scheme in a tower of drawers. This is sure to receive complements from your guests that might take a peek at your DIY interior design skill.


As we have seen, there are many ways to re-use old personalised wrapping paper to serve a new purpose. Re-using personalised paper is not only eco-friendly but it is also very cheap and easy to do! It allows you to keep that thoughtful gift and extend its lifetime in a variety of new projects. What will you do with your paper?

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